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In a rapidly changing world, companies are increasingly moving away from structured processes to focus on their human capital and personalities of each individual. But what does this imply for the project manager? What are his levers to put the human at the center of the project? Emotional intelligence has become an essential tool for integrating the uniqueness of each human relationship into the rigorous and structured methods of project management. In this white paper we will see how emotional intelligence impacts project management.



In this digital age, digital transformation remains at the center of attention. There is no doubt about the importance of getting started, but we wonder how to carry out digital transformation projects with consistency. Digital transformation questions the practices of traditional organizations and their ability to adapt to change, while offering them real opportunities to remain competitive. So, how does a structured project portfolio governance approach effectively drive digital transformation? Can Project Portfolio Management solutions like Orchestra PPM help with digital transition? In this white paper we will explore the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation, the stakeholders who are leading it and how PPM tools can be an asset for digital transformation.


Today, charities have to plan efficiently and allocate resources realistically to bring about meaningful social impact. Efficient planning and realistic resource allocation is important for charities for three simple and straightforward reasons: budgetary cuts, difficult circumstances, and difficult economic conditions. To do so charities have to import the project portfolio management (PPM) discipline from the corporate sector. So, in this whitepaper we will explore and show how an agile and a resourceful PMO along with a project portfolio management (PPM) solution can enable charities to implement the project portfolio management discipline to launch and deliver impactful projects leading to meaningful and positive social changes.


In this white paper, we will explore how multi-site or remote teams work. We will probe how to ensure the smooth flow of information and its accessibility to all. We will examine how the new information and communication technologies can act as levers of success of a project. We will learn how to be proactive and responsive for efficient follow-up of distant teams. We will explore different way to encourage collaboration and cohesion between remote team members. And finally, we will see how all stakeholders can capitalize and share knowledge.


Often projects that yield less value absorb the scarce resources available in an organization, which hinders the progress of high value and mission critical projects. One of the major challenge for an organization is to prioritize these important projects across all departments and back them up with adequate and skilled resources so that it attains the organizations’ goals. So, in this white paper we will discuss what is resource planning, management and allocation. We will see why is it important and how does it work.


If we move forward on the premise that the agile and traditional methods are not sufficient on their own for large projects, they are not necessarily mutually incompatible towards each other. This has led to the emergence of a new approach called “hybrid methodology” which integrates agile processes in the traditional project management cycle. Let’s see what exactly is this new method or approach?


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