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Often projects that yield less value absorb the scarce resources available in an organization, which hinders the progress of high value and mission critical projects. One of the major challenge for an organization is to prioritize these important projects across all departments and back them up with adequate and skilled resources so that it attains the organizations’goals. So, in this white paper we will discuss what is resource planning, management and allocation. We will see why is it important and how does it work.


If we move forward on the premise that the agile and traditional methods are not sufficient on their own for large projects, they are not necessarily mutually incompatible towards each other. This has led to the emergence of a new approach called “hybrid methodology” which integrates agile processes in the traditional project management cycle. Let’s see what exactly is this new method or approach?


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Resources are updated regularly to inform and train its future prospects about project management in general and project portfolio management in particular. So stay tuned !

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