Orchestra PPM, your PPM solution

Manage your projects in real time

Orchestra PPM offers you a dynamic and automatic consolidation of project indicators for real-time execution. Do not waste time to find out the status of your projects in order to make the right decisions. Orchestra PPM offers unique functionalities to control the entire life cycle of the project. it gives an overall control in real time of your projects to save time in terms of reporting, decision making and resource optimization.  

« The solution allows us to arbitrate and gives visibility on projects. The gradual activation of modules and features provides great flexibility. »Head of CMMI - Administration

Orchestrate your projects easily


Where office tools and the use of electronic mail induce many difficulties in obtaining reliable synthetic vision, Orchestra PPM becomes the single management repository of the organization’s projects, by offering functional and adaptable products to your business needs. Thus, all employees have a shared visibility that facilitates team coordination, anticipation of risks and trade-offs to a project, program or portfolio level.

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