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These client testimonials will give you an appropriate idea of what NQI Orchestra can do for your organization

Adapt the solution to your processes.

“NQI Orchestra structures the workflow between Business units, marketing and development of applications for the Orange Office program.”

Stéphanie Lorenzo, Product Marketing Director

Gather stakeholders on a single space

“With NQI Orchestra, we get reliable data by bringing over 1 000 people of all levels of expertise on a common web solution. “

Vincent Gaudry, Team member of the project dashboard

Create a common project culture

“NQI Orchestra is a means to disseminate best practices to users with projects having diverse processes, parameters and challenges.”

Tiphaine Dujean, Head of the Projet departement

Standardize your processes and get a global view online

“Thanks to NQI Orchestra, our teams have a 360° view on all research and development activities and projects on a shared online solution.”

Vincent Godot, PMO Manager

Spread the project culture gradually

“The solution allows us to make decisions and gives us a global visibility on projects. The gradual activation of modules gives us great flexibility.”

Marcel Deturche, Director of CMMI

Increase profitability of your production

“Our engineering department streamlines manufacturing processes and manages the changes in design costs and cost price with NQI Orchestra.”

Bruno Zuckmeyer, IT Project Manager

Manage and mobilize teams based all over the world

“With NQI Orchestra, we federate our international teams to monitor our global innovation projects.”

Lionel Paulard, Director of Information Systems

Improve your profitability and delivery time

“Since we started using NQI Orchestra we have reduced by 30% our delivery time. Today, we share a common project culture.”

Hélène Fournier, PMO

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