Neo Technologies adopts Orchestra PPM

Neo Technologies adopts Orchestra PPM


NEO-Technologies, leader in the Swiss market for consulting and solutions in the energy and public sector. It consults and supports clients from project ideation to project execution to ensure the final project delivery. Its specialization is in information technologies projects. From consulting, operation and maintenance, NEO-Technologies supports all aspects of a project according to the needs of its customers. Their expertise is in connecting technology and businesses by bringing them closer together.

Their main activities:

  • Implementation and integration
  • Commercial and technical expertise
  • Customer Support and Service
  • Hosting and operations

Some of the products and services they use:

  • SAP
  • Business Intelligence
  • Commercial solutions for the energy and public sectors (IS-U, GED, CRM, BW, BO, ECM etc …)
  • Web Technologies
  • Calculators (smart meters, smart grids, e-green value).

NEO Technologies has adopted Orchestra PPM to manage their projects. According to Mr. De Preux, Junior Consultant and Assistant project manager at NEO Technologies Orchestra PPM is deployed in the following services such as infrastructure and development.

Mr. De Preux being the sponsor of Orchestra PPM is in charge of the training and full adoption of Orchestra PPM. NEO Technologies has 40 employees including 8 project managers who regularly use Orchestra PPM to manage 97 different projects.

The most used Orchestra PPM features in NEO-Technologies are:

  • Resource Management
  • Internal Time tracking tools that are interfaced with Orchestra PPM using Rest API.
  • Project dashboards
  • Alerts and notifications
  • An internal JIRA tool connected to Orchestra PPM

NEO-Technologies derives several advantages from using Orchestra PPM, such as:

  • Practical dashboards for better decision making
  • The budget expenditure plans offering holistic and consolidated information
  • A well-defined methodology and workflow

The main objective at the time of the acquisition of Orchestra PPM was to have excellent resource management. Thanks to the implementation of Orchestra PPM, project managers now have the reflex to look at the resource management module before allocating any resource. Goal achieved!

Thanks to its ease of use and flexibility the use of Orchestra PPM has become widespread within the company. What does the future hold for Orchestra PPM at NEO-technologies? According to Mr. De Preux, the goal is to migrate from Orchestra 6.0 version to Orchestra 6.1 version.

Orchestra is thankful to Mr. De Preux for his valuable feedback.