How to prepare well for the first day of work after vacations  

How to prepare well for the first day of work after vacations  

premier jour de travail

Are you approaching your first day of work after vacations? Your first day of work can be challenging. Here are some tips that will guide you.

Prepare your entrance
Even though you are working in your company for a while, it is wise to make an effort to make a good impression again. The first impression you make will follow you over the next few days, so give your best shot. So, put your heads up, put on a smile and exude positive energy. Maybe you might want to get a new haircut and why not a new wardrobe!

Be and stay positive
After the holidays and free time is over, you are opening a new professional page. So, fill it with motivation, confidence and positivity! From the beginning, and in the long term also, be dynamic. Showing that you are smiling, positive and happy to be in the workplace will foster positive relationships with your colleagues.

Do not be stressed
Your first day after the holidays can be stressful because of the pile of emails waiting and the long to-do list. You colleagues and boss will definitely understand that and will let you take your time. So, don’t put any pressure on you. Take your time, have fun and reconnect with friends.

Be interested in those around you
Even though you have a lot of work, do not forget to take the opportunity to reconnect with your colleagues. They will be delighted to share with you their work, their last vacation, their projects and the things they accomplished when you were absent.

 Introduce yourself to new colleagues
During your absence there might be new recruitment. So, go meet and introduce yourself to new colleagues. This will help you develop new professional relationships or new allies for your projects.

Be confident
In case you had a bad vacation, avoid talking about it or thinking too much about it. Make sure you exude confident vibes. Confidence is key to handle everything that comes your way and especially for making a good impression.

Return the phone calls
When you get back to office, your answering machine might have some messages. Make sure you hear them and specially call them back. It is polite and professional.

Get organized
Despite the workload and telephone calls waiting for you, get organized! Organize your desk, your paper or documents, your emails and prioritize the tasks according to their importance and urgency. This way you will be ready!

Manage your tasks with collaborative tools
To be organized what better way to use a project management solution. As a good project manager, find out beforehand the tasks you need to do, deadlines, budget, schedule, background, form … In short, everything! And input them in the project management software. It will help you track and manage your projects better.

 Start with good resolutions
Last but not the least, you may want to note down your resolutions for the remaining part of the year. And back those resolutions with an action plan!