6 tips to organize your projects before you go on vacation  

6 tips to organize your projects before you go on vacation  


The month of August is here! The sun is shining, and the beaches are full of people. Some of your project colleagues are already on vacation and you are jealous. You can’t wait to go on holidays. Even if the holidays are a source of relaxation and the opportunity to let go, they bring a good dose of stress. Why? Simply because organizing your work before you leave can become a source of headache.

In addition to organizing your project before leaving, the apprehension of an overloaded mailbox after your return from your vacation can also be stressful. You might be tempted to read your emails while relaxing on the beach … No, no and no, the holidays are made to relax. So, with a little organization and preparation, you can forget about your work and make them most of your vacation.

Here are 6 tips to anticipate and organize your projects:

– Delegate properly and in advance
The month of August is a hollow month, your employees and your customers know it, so if you are not reachable, they will understand it. It is recommended to delegate from the beginning your important tasks to your available teams so that you can always answer questions from your customers and employees despite your absence. Your teams will be able to take forward the project tasks towards correctly and can provide you with a report on everything that has been achieved.

– Review all of your tasks
Before packing and going on vacation, take a moment to review what you have to do in the weeks and months to come, and what you will delegate in your absence. By making sure you have all the information you need for this smooth operation, you will not waste your time on your return from vacation. Check that everyone has understood that the necessary documents are available and that all deadlines are pre-defined so that there are no surprises.

– Prioritize your tasks
To prevent your team from feeling lost and overbooked, do not hesitate to prioritize your tasks.  This will also ensure that the most important tasks are carried out first. Your teams need to understand what you are asking for and they should also be able to easily find the information they need to complete all the tasks.

– Get closer to your teams
To make sure everything is in order and everyone has understood what you are asking them, do not hesitate to propose a team meeting in order to distribute to everyone the work requested. Everyone can then write a small memo to you to make sure that they have understood what you are asking them, and they will not forget any information during your absence.

– Create and share your vacation schedule
If many of you are on vacation, make sure everyone in the team knows. By communicating your schedule with your days off, your team members will know that you are not present in the office. Do not hesitate to specify small time slots where they could reach you in case of emergencies. Or tell them who to contact if necessary. This will help you avoid getting interrupted when you are enjoying on the beach.

– Staying organized from beginning to end
Organization is the key word. As we told you, there is nothing worse than returning from vacation and seeing that everything went wrong. By having organized your tasks before you left and by delegating efficiently you will know what to work on when your return. For this, you can use an effective project management tool to carry out this entire process. Maybe you might want to try Orchestra PPM to manage your projects and schedules easily to achieve the best productivity possible. In Orchestra PPM everything is centralized and accessible to your teams, helping you save more time.

Now that you have organized everything, you just have to put the swimsuit in the bag and hit the road to your favorite vacation destination!