CMA CGM plans and manages projects with Orchestra PPM

CMA CGM plans and manages projects with Orchestra PPM


Based in Marseille, CMA CGM Group is a leading worldwide shipping group. It is present in more than 160 countries through its network of over 755 agencies, with more than 30,000 employees worldwide (4,500 in France). With a young and diversified fleet of 504 vessels, the CMA CGM Group serves over 420 of the world’s 521 commercial ports. Through more than 200 shipping lines, the company operates on every one of the world’s seas. Its global presence and efficient ships like the CMA CGM BOUGAINVILLE enabled the CMA CGM Group to transport a volume of 18.95 million TEUs last year.

Context, challenges and requirements
Thanks to CMA CGM’s international growth and expansion, for 5 years there was a need of an integrated tool to support and streaming large processes such as: demand management, project management Project, Forecasts Management (Resource Request), Time & Activity Management (TimeSheets), Budget Management (Budget Portfolio), Resource Management.

And in 2016 there was a sudden and urgent need to replace an obsolete tool for the management of time sheets as it was discontinued by the publisher.  Previously CMA CGM used project management tools such as MS Project, IBM RTC, EXCEL, READMINE, Demand Management tools such as TEAM TRACK, Forecast Management tool such as IT SMART and Timesheet Management tools such as IBM RPM. The problem with these tools was that they were not connected with one other and finding the right information took a lot of time.

Why NQI Orchestra?
So, in 2016, due to the urgency of the situation, Orchestra PPM was quickly and easily implemented for the IT department whose initial scope was: Timesheet management, Demand Management, Project Management. This proves that Orchestra PPM can be easily implemented on a short notice and can adapt to any need and requirements.

Later in 2018, thanks to its success, Orchestra PPM ’s scope was expanded and features for Forecast Management, Resource Management and Portfolio Budget Management were introduced. Also, initially Orchestra PPM was used by the IT department. Due to its success, it is now used by other departments such as: Shared Service Center, eCommerce, Shared Service Center IT, Digital Lab. Today CMA-CGM uses just one tool across various departments for various processes and tasks rather than many dispersed tools.

Another important highlight of Orchestra PPM ’s use is the way it was implemented. It was implemented in a step by step process, one feature at a time, rather than in a “big bang way” where all the features are implemented at once leading to confusion and misuse.

The feedback from users at CMA CGM has been quite positive. They found Orchestra PPM clean and user friendly. The process was well defined, documented and shared. And, the users received proper training after implementation of NQI Orchestra.

Last but not the least, NQI Designer, an important feature of Orchestra PPM helped to create simple and clear models of complex workflows leading to fluidity in work execution.