10 reasons women make good project managers

10 reasons women make good project managers


Today is March 8th and we are celebrating International Women’s Day. Since the past 100 years women have made greats strides to achieve their well-deserved rights. Thanks to the struggles of many, today women have the right to vote, have a bank account, own businesses and compete for the same jobs as men. It this article we will explore some characteristics and reasons that make women good project managers. Mind you, we are not here to trigger a man-woman blame game or create differences or grudges between men and women. The success of both men and women depends on their ability to collaborate together and support each other. So here are 10 reasons that make women good project managers:

1-They are often first in the class and are much more mature
It is not a mystery that women are often first in the class. They are more studious than boys from an early age. According to French psychologist girls put in more effort because they want to please their parents. Many studies have confirmed that women learn better and faster than men because of their organization and their concentration skills. According to Scientists at Newcastle University girls often mature faster than boys because girls tend to optimize brain connections earlier than boys. Hence, their competitive attitude, academic inclinations and maturity make them better project managers.

2-Their lifespan is longer
It is a known fact that women have longer life spans than men due to genetics and evolutionary reasons. Some say that female hormone estrogen is an “antioxidant”, meaning that it mops up poisonous chemicals that cause cells stress, thus contributing to their long-life span. In fact, 85% of centenarians are women. In other words, women live longer to achieve their life projects.

3-They know how to manage their stress and that of others
Even though women report higher stress levels that their male counterparts they are more likely to handle stress better thanks to the estrogen hormone. Scientists at the State University of New York at Buffalo found that estrogen has a productive effect on the brain that might help women respond better to stress. So, their stress management skills will definitely help women become better project managers.

4-They know how to find the right words and have better communication skills
Some women might be perceived as chatterboxes! But this is not a flaw, studies show that women speak 3 times more than men in a day. Why? Well, they share a lot, explain and justify at best which in a sense is still an advantage! A woman’s brain can process and analyze more words, feelings, and emotions than a man’s brain. Also, it is also said that, due to their maternal instincts they have good listening skills. Hence, good communication skills and good listening skills make good project managers.

5-They manage their finances perfectly and anticipate everything
Studies show that women are more cautious financially. Investments made by women are more profitable than those by men because they take less risk, listen to expert advice and learn from past mistakes. Thanks to her low testosterone levels they are less impulsive and make rational decisions. Microlending organizations in third world counties have discovered that women pay back their debts on time. So as project managers women will tend to manage the project budget efficiently.

6-They observe and memorize at a glance
You must know that a woman remembers everything and forgets nothing (which might displease some men …), she will never forget her partner’s birthday, the date of marriage of his parents, the address of his friends, nor the face of the H & M cashier! Ask a woman what she has done in recent days and you will see that she will remember it in the finest detail, compared to a man who will have forgotten half of it … According to studies women have better episodic memory and remember better their life events.

7-Women exhibit more empathy, intuition and collaboration
According to one study women may exhibit more empathy, intuition, collaboration, self-control and appropriate concern because of increased blood flow in the brain. The findings also suggest that the female brain is wired for leadership. Some say that women who have gone through motherhood tend to be more empathetic and collaborative. This is a huge asset for women project managers. Empathy, intuition and collaboration are very useful in project management.

8-They are well organized and can handle many things at the same time
In terms of project management, women are second to none! They know how to manage their time and their task to be effective from start to finish. Bloc note, agenda, calendar, they do everything possible to never forget anything. Just take the example of their handbag, always bigger, always cluttered, but in which they always find everything!

9-They make better managers
According to some experts, women have better abilities to solve a problem and they always provide a solution. They force proposals, initiatives, innovation and have the head on their shoulders to carry out their projects. They are famous for being more organized, more Zen and less authoritarian!

10-They are very supportive
Does – girl power, the feminine solidarity –  ring a bell in your head?  Obviously! We know how much solidarity women have with each other. Women are supportive in every situation, even with their male counter parts. They have the capability to listen, advise and help.

So, if you are a woman and toying with the idea of having a career in project management and still doubting yourself, re-read the above 10 points! Happy Women’s Day!