Happy Valentine’s Day – From love to a joint project

Happy Valentine’s Day – From love to a joint project

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To fall in love is amazing. To be in love feels good. What is even better and rewarding is to have a joint project with your other half.

When you are in a relationship it is normal to do joint projects with your partner: whether it is to run a marathon, write a book, go on a weekend, prepare a trip, build a house, have a child or whatever is important and meaningful to you. Today, all couples are always talking and exploring joint projects to do to live their beautiful moments together.

So, are you interested in a joint project with your partner?
Apart from having a good time, joint projects are also a great opportunity to rediscover and perpetuate the desire to be together.

On this Valentine’s Eve, the feast of love, it is high time to build a joint project. We are often stuck between the desire to be fulfilled personally and the rhythm of daily life. It is often difficult for couples to make a little room for a joint project. However, we all know that they are essential in any relationship. Without joint projects, the relationship in a couple may fall asleep and fall into the famous routine that everyone wants to avoid.

No need to have gigantic projects, just scheduling a Saturday night out or a weekend trip for skiing will do. There is a lot of pleasure when we share these moments with the person who is dear to us.  Any event will do as long as it facilitates bonding between the partners.

And your project management skills will come in handy to plan, organize and execute your romantic joint events.

Why is it so important to have joint projects?
According to studies, it is not love that keeps a relationship alive in the long run, but joint projects between the couples. Have you heard about the quote “Love is not enough?” It turns out to be true, because it’s hard to imagine making a living with a person who is not on the same wavelength as us. The projects are a reflection of our desires, our dreams and the path we want to take to move forward, hence the need to be involved in joint projects. Moreover, it allows to see if our other half resembles us. When planning projects as a couple, we increase the chances of a long-term relationship.

What are the risks of joint projects in the long term?
As in any project, you also have to face the risks in a joint project as well. Like any professional project, personal joint projects have their share of constraints, and challenges. They also need a budget. A slightest difficulty during the project can be a test of your relationship. How you manage and face these difficulties can be a test of how your relationship will go.

So, do not go too fast, because by doing things too quickly, naturally your projects are designed to fail. There is no point in burning the steps, as in any project you have to do things in order. So, don’t rush!

It is important to think about one’s half and not about one’s personal desires. A joint project is desired by both parties, it is a joint commitment that must be discussed and described step by step, especially when it comes to a long trip, a home purchase or a birth.

It is very risky to engage in a common project if your couple is facing difficulties. It is not by organizing a joyous event that one forgets their relationship issues, one must think intelligently and face reality. Maybe it is worthwhile to avoid launching joint projects if the relationship is going through turbulent times.

But if love is in the air and things are going smoothly, you can now embark on a successful joint project for both of you.

Happy St Valentin!