A PPM solution for managing projects within Air Tahiti Nui

A PPM solution for managing projects within Air Tahiti Nui


We recently interviewed Laurent Husson, Director of Information Systems and member of the Executive Committee of the company – Air Tahiti Nui. Air Tahiti Nui is one of our major clients in the transportation sector. In this blog post we will learn how Air Tahiti Nui prioritises and manages its projects.
Company presentation
Air Tahiti Nui, a public limited company created in 1998, is a French international airline company, based in Tahiti (French Polynesia), which flies to Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and Auckland using a fleet of 5 Airbus A340s.

The headquarters of Air Tahiti Nui are in Tahiti and for each of its destinations abroad, the company has an operational office, based in the airport, and a commercial office.

In 2016 Air Tahiti Nui carried 480,085 passengers, 9,005 tonnes of freight producing a turnover of more than 267 million euros. Air Tahiti Nui employs 784 people including 398 flying crew. The company has planned to renew its fleet with 4 Boeing 787s towards the end of 2018.
Context and challenges of setting up a project management tool
The IT Department, with a team of 17 people, ensures the maintenance of infrastructure and applications, provides user support and launches and manages IT projects. Since IT services are at the heart of all key processes of the company, the General Management commissioned the IT department to steer the digital transformation and develop transversally a project culture.

An IT Master Plan produced at the end of 2015 insisted on the creation of project portfolios according to the requests of the business unit and have it validated and arbitrated by the Director General. This required a customised PPM solution. Also, the company wanted more visibility on the use of resources and the prioritization of projects. Another issue was that the project management methods and tools were neither standardized nor shared. The challenge was to optimize the operations of the IT Department to ensure the success of the objectives according to the Quality Costs Deadlines for projects in the IT Master Plan.
Implementation of NQI Orchestra

So why did Air Tahiti Nui choose the NQI Orchestra solution?
NQI Orchestra PPM solution caught Air Tahiti Nui’s attention due to the quality of its interface, its ease of use and functional coverage that perfectly met their standard specifications.
What problems did the PPM solution solve?
NQI Orchestra first allowed Air Tahiti Nui’s project teams to measure and analyze the time spent on the various activities and projects of the IT department and help determine their project capability. Secondly they were able to plan the various projects of the master plan, manage the budget and allocate the resources of the whole IT department. We are currently in a phase where all the activities and projects of the IT department are managed using NQI Orchestra, thanks to its flash reports, project monitoring capabilities and dashboards.

The results are very positive. The airline now has an efficient time management tool and a project portfolio management approach for its IT projects. It can track properly the actual time spent on working (support, maintenance of applications, studies and projects) and launch optimization initiatives if necessary. Project planning is more reliable and the project portfolio is up to date.
The IT department produces a monthly dashboard of activities and projects and now communicates within its department, to the Director General and the business units in a transparent and regular manner.
Implementing the NQI Orchestra PPM solution has resulted in time savings on all activities related to project management and resource management (planning, arbitration, resource allocation, management / monitoring, reporting).

« The assessment after 1 and a half years of use is very positive. NQI Orchestra has helped us structure and control our processes and has helped to develop our maturity in project management within the IT department. Beyond that, NQI Orchestra also contributes to the dissemination of a common project culture with in the company. Thus, several business unit (for example the design office, documentation department and RSSI) are in turn interested in using the tool. »  Laurent Husson, Director of Information Systems – Air Tahiti Nui