5 ideal New Year party themes for project managers

5 ideal New Year party themes for project managers


Now that Christmas is over and you’ve had a wonderful time with your family, the New Year is not far off. Parties are organized everywhere. So this new year, are you in the mood to party? The New Year is an opportunity for all members of the team to disconnect from the project and reconnect as individuals and have a nice time together!

So, how to organize the ideal New Year party? As project managers, you can use the basics of project management to organize a perfect party! If you are lacking some inspiration here are some suggestions that you might want to consider:

Normal office party
If you have a limited budget and if it is difficult to gather everyone for the New Year’s Eve then a party in the office in the first week of January is great. To ensure that there’s a variety of food and drinks you can organize potluck! An office party is a good and easy way to bring together project managers, project stakeholders, team members and clients and celebrate the major project milestones and accomplishments during the past year.

Ball room party
If you are inviting some senior managers, senior project stakeholders and important executives from major clients then organizing a formal ball room party is a good idea. You can also impose the dress code “black and white.” Inviting high profile executives doesn’t mean you ignore the project managers, project sponsors, team members or other project stakeholders in the lower levers of the organigram. In fact it is a good idea for project stakeholders of all levels to meet each other at least once in a year! This type of party might require a considerable budget.

Bonfire party
If you’re looking for something low-key or informal, then a simple bonfire party is a great idea. You can hire a camping place, light a small fire all, sit under the clear night with your colleagues and some beer and hotdogs! You can all swap your favorite project stories of the year and some project managers can show case their musical talents with their guitar.

Ski party
It is winter time and snowing all over. If you are living in the northern hemisphere then it is a good idea to organize a two day ski trip. You can hire a chalet in the mountains and go to ski in the day and party in the evening. This is also a great opportunity to do some team building by skiing together in teams! Adventurous and outgoing project managers will definitely love this!

Restaurant party
If your budget is limited and you have no time to organize a New Year party then this is a great idea. You might need to take some time to find an ideal restaurant. Once you make the reservation, just send an invitation. All participants can go Dutch. Gourmet project managers will definitely enjoy a New Year party in a restaurant.

So before you choose your party theme you might want to create a guest list to understand who is coming, where they are in the organizational chart and how are they related. Good luck with the party organization!

Don’t forget to use your project management skills to organize the ideal party! Wish you all a very happy new year! May all your projects succeed!