The gift buying guide for any project manager!

The gift buying guide for any project manager!


As a project manager or project sponsor how do you make the traditional gesture of gift giving in the professional space? Giving gifts is not mandatory, but is a kind gesture and appreciated in business. But buying a good gift for a colleague can be tedious. What do your team members, clients or stakeholders really want? How do you please your team members without making it personal? This is a big dilemma!

To fluidify collaboration between project stakeholders, here are some ideas for the right Christmas gift:

Company party!
Organizing a companywide party is the best way to be collaborative and share good times with colleagues. It is an occasion where you recognize each other’s achievements and celebrate the years accomplishments. Organizing a party will help team members to make connections, come up with ideas and initiate conversations that could take the project forward.

Bottles of wine!
By offering a bottle of wine you are sure to please everyone and have a chance to drink together and make some good connections. Did you know many projects ideas are born while wining and dining? This is a good gift for any senior project manager!

Project management books
They are useful and practical that will improve the skills of any project manager or team member. The field of project management is always changing. There are always new methodologies, trends or ways of executing projects. So, a book on project management will be useful to any aspiring or experienced project manager.

Box of chocolates!
Hmmm … Who does not like to take a little indulgence with his coffee or tea? Chocolates are a classic and it never fails to impress. With a box full of delicious chocolates, you will definitely delight your team members, project stakeholders, clients or any project manager.

Useful gadget with your company logo!
A cup, a thermal mug, a warm polar fleece to be worn in the office, a computer sleeve …or any new gadget is not only a good Christmas gift but will also help promote your company.

Gourmet basket
A small basket filled with sweets, chocolates and a small bottle of wine will work like magic! This is also a classy gift for any senior project manager or project stakeholder!

Gift vouchers!
If you are confused or don’t have any idea, they are the ideal gifts. The will definitely be appreciated because it’s up to them to choose the ones they want!

One thing is for sure, the best gift one can receive is to feel good about one’s project, colleagues and business all year round. Providing your team members with a motivating atmosphere and good working conditions is a perfect gift any project manager can give to his colleagues!

The NQI team wishes you all Merry Christmas !