SIEN – the IT Department of the canton of Neuchatel adopts NQI Orchestra

SIEN – the IT Department of the canton of Neuchatel adopts NQI Orchestra

The IT department of the Neuchâtel Entity (SERVICE INFORMATIQUE DE L’ENTITÉ NEUCHÂTELOISE, abbreviated in French as SIEN and hereafter referred to SIEN) is responsible for the IT strategy for the Canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. Along with its partners It coordinates, defines and ensures, IT services for all public authorities in Neuchâtel (state, municipalities, schools, health, social and Para-public sectors). This transversal way of working, unique to Switzerland, guarantees quality services at a lower cost and facilitates the communication of information between all the partners in the canton of Neuchâtel.

SIEN offers services to all users of the canton through the provision of central infrastructures such as communication networks (voice, data, home automation), unified messaging, Internet access, computer security and Single Window (One Stop Shop) services. With regards to information systems, SIEN operates in sectors as broad as tax, finance, human resources, police, judiciary, social sector, web, political rights and central databases of the State. All the IT businesses and services offered by SEIN meet the IT needs of its customers.

In January 2016, after evaluating various project management solutions, SIEN adopted NQI Orchestra. NQI Orchestra takes into account the various constraints and challenges a public organization like SIEN face. NQI always adapts to the project management maturity level of every organization. So, to make things simpler for SEIN, NQI orchestra launched a light version by providing access to just two project managers. Thanks to its simplicity NQI Orchestra passed the test and was accessible and used by many other project managers.

Due its flexibility it integrated seamlessly with already existing 3rd party tools such as Timelead used by SIEN. Also, since SIEN manages a diverse range of projects at the same time spanning various state institutions, municipal organizations, health and social services and local authorities, NQI orchestra provides a macroscopic and transversal view of its project portfolios.

Today, NQI Orchestra allows SIEN to manage 500 projects, to monitor and track 4000 tasks and to coordinate between 60 users, all at the same time. Read our full-fledged case study to learn more about how NQI Orchestra proved very useful for SIEN to manage its large volume of projects across many departments, public institutions and entities in Neuchâtel.