NQI Orchestra helps Virbac to optimize new product demands processing and improve synchronisation between its international teams

NQI Orchestra helps Virbac to optimize new product demands processing and improve synchronisation between its international teams

Founded in 1968 by a French veterinarian, Virbac is an independent pharmaceutical laboratory dedicated to animal health. World’s 8th largest animal health company, Virbac sells products in more than 100 countries, offering a comprehensive and practical range of products and services covering the majority of species and pathologies. Virbac innovation, based on both technological advances and listening to its customers, relies on reactive production facilities which meet the highest international quality standards. For nearly fifty years, these features have allowed the company to build a personalized relationship with veterinarians and farmers around the world. Through this privileged partnership, in which social, health and environmental issues come together, Virbac contributes, day after day, to shape the future of animal health.

Since 2008, Virbac is using NQI Orchestra to manage its IT project portfolio. They recently extended the use of NQI Orchestra to improve the collection, analysis and arbitration of project demands for all teams based worldwide. So, we met and discussed with Raphaël Commaret, Head of Business Unit in the IT Department and Mélanie Lapisardi, New Product & Portfolio Optimization Manager to understand how they and their teams are using NQI Orchestra.  We learnt some important insights and have produced a detailed case study.

Virbac continuously develops innovative products by constantly taking feedback from their clients. And there are teams all over the world who identify data locally and launch new products accordingly. Hence, Virbac regularly develops and launches a wide range of products. This requires a lot of efficient collaboration between teams and experts based internationally. NQI Orchestra improves their collaboration by bringing them on a common web based project management tool.

Since it manages the whole project qualification process, from the idea stage, to project stage and to finally product launch, Virbac faces many challenges. For example, making sure the patents are valid in the concerned country, adhering to local regulations and tackling legal aspects for licensing with other pharmaceutical laboratories.  In this objective, NQI Orchestra helps to arbitrate incoming projects, manage projects and encourage collaboration with all the team based all over the world. NQI Orchestra has provided them the following benefits:

  • Facilitate better decision-making
  • Create and integrate workflow
  • Sharing of information between international teams
  • A custom and dedicated NQI Support

Click here to read the full case study in order to understand the challenges faced by Virbac and how NQI Orchestra contributed to Virbac’s success project portfolio management on an international level.