EDF adopts NQI Orchestra for its Real Estate Department to manage its operations

EDF adopts NQI Orchestra for its Real Estate Department to manage its operations

Company Introduction
EDF is a French electricity company that operates a diverse portfolio of 120 gigawatts of generation capacity in Europe, South America, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It is the world’s largest producer of electricity producing 642,6 TWh of electricity (mainly from nuclear power) and with a customer base of 37.6 million clients worldwide. Attached to EDF’s Finance Department, the Group’s Real Estate Department is the sole operator of the Group’s property and insurance businesses. Its goal is to provide affordable premises and services to the various entities of EDF according to the objectives fixed in CAP 2030. CAP 2030 is a strategy defined by EDF which underpins the Group’s goal of being an efficient and responsible electricity company that champions low-carbon growth. The main goal of this real estate department is to collaborate closely with the Group’s various businesses and departments and to formalize real estate master plans for:

  •  Guiding local authorities and regions
  •  Preserve the value of the Group’s real estate assets and,
  •  Ensure the flexibility of the Group’s premises and properties.

Context and objectives
EDF draws up annual works programs for new constructions, improvements, renovations and rehabilitations as well as conforms to good standards the tertiary and industrial sites in its real estate portfolio. At the moment, planning and reporting of the different works programs consists of producing excel spreadsheets and their transfer by email. This can be tedious because of increased manual labor which can lead to delays and unnecessary errors.    

As part of implementing new processes, it was decided to equip the Real Estate Department with a tool that can manage operations and do business reporting. The objective is to provide all stakeholders in the department with a single management tool that takes into account the expectations of all departments as well as that of senior management.

Some major requirements and challenges
The acquisition of a portfolio management tool would have to address the following issues:

  • Harmonize tools, business processes, simplify report generation, and secure data.
  • Save time during exchanges between departments for validating projects.
  • Have a financial interface that ensures consistency between the forecast and the outcome.

On the business side, the challenge is to set up a tool for steering the business portfolio according to budgets, customers and sites.

To meet these challenges the EDF group was looking to acquire a software package capable of covering the functional need of work management, operations and budget management and at the same time that could integrate with the IT systems of the real estate department.

EDF turned to NQI Orchestra portfolio management solution in the second half of 2016. NQI Orchestra is a collaborative tool that enables EDF to unite all the project stakeholders and meets the business needs by facilitating the monitoring of projects and also by managing the day to day operations and budgets. NQI Orchestra solution offers the group flexibility to adapt to new situations and to meet the specific needs of its departments.

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